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Dental hygiene & preventive care

Professional teeth cleaning for healthy teeth in the city centre of Zurich 

In our practice with a view of Lake Zurich, we thoroughly and effectively maintain and clean your teeth using dental hygiene. The basis of any modern dental medicine is optimal care of teeth and gums.


Dental hygiene

Professional cleaning of teeth, so-called dental hygiene, has the advantage that your teeth become whiter. In addition, as a result, already existing work and work done by our dentists remain longer intact.

Optimal care must be practiced: We show you the problem areas in your mouth and practice the cleaning of these sites with you.

Our dental hygienists and preventive care assistants clean, polish and remove all plaque, including bacteria and biofilm. You will have sparkling teeth and they will feel smooth and fresh.

Preventive care

Basic cleaning of teeth can minimise and in many cases avoid caries and periodontitis.

We provide professional cleaning of teeth, caries prevention and adjuvant treatment in terms of periodontal therapy. Preventive care is particularly important for preserving implants.

Before professional cleaning of teeth we will examine your teeth thoroughly. Then we meet with you to give you a personal professional assessment.

With professional cleaning of teeth, plaque is thoroughly removed from surface of teeth, in the spaces between the teeth and in the gingival pockets. Then your teeth are polished and smoothed. Polished and smoothed because bacteria attach primarily to rough and cracked areas.

After the treatment, your cleaned teeth are coated with a fluoride varnish to protect against caries bacteria.


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