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Cosmetic dentistry

Dental Associates am Bellevue – the best address for veneers and whitening

We offer treatment with porcelain Lumineer veneers by Cerinate and tooth whitening, so-called bleaching. A tooth-friendly Hollywood smile is now possible with new porcelain veneers. We can take into account your individual wishes with our whitening (bleaching) programmes.

Porcelain veneers: Lumineers

The very delicate veneers, which are about as thin as contact lenses, are called Lumineers.
Unlike conventional dental veneering, tooth enamel does not need to be partially filed for Lumineers. 

For this reason, Lumineers are regarded as "No-Prep-Veneers". This has the advantage that the porcelain veneers can easily be removed again if necessary.

Every Lumineer and veneer is made according to the patient's needs in terms of tooth colour and shape.

The adjustment and insertion of dental adhesive veneers takes place in two sessions.


Whitening (bleaching)


In-office whitening or power whitening is applied, activated and monitored in the dental practice. The treatment takes between one and one-and-a-half hours.
If only a single tooth is discoloured, this can be lightened individually.

Home whitening is the most commonly used whitening method nowadays. The dentist prepares individual teeth-whitening dental trays for the upper and lower jaws, which are then filled with whitening (bleaching) gel for a short period of time and placed over the teeth.


Crowns and fillings


The purpose of a filling by the dentist is the definitive closure of a cavity and reconstruction of destroyed hard tooth structure. Either tooth-coloured plastics are used for the filling or laboratory-made ceramic inlays are inserted.


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